Kelsea is the owner and principal designer at Interiyours. She was born and raised in Ottawa and is very proud to live in such a beautiful city. Kelsea successfully graduated from the Interior Decorating program at Algonquin College. She was voted class representative by her peers two years in a row and completed all four semesters with honours.

Shortly after graduating, Kelsea was employed by a reputable design gallery in Ottawa as a design consultant. There, she was able to learn more about the industry and build on her knowledge of design. She met with clients, designed full kitchens and bathrooms from the layout, functionality and finishes. Kelsea has much experience sourcing and pricing materials, finishes and furniture throughout the Ottawa area. She has successfully worked with contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters. Her passion and knowledge of the design industry continues to evolve with the trends.

In 2013 Kelsea decided to expand her career and start her own interior decorating business, Interiyours – Interior Decorating Your Way

Kelsea believes that interior decorating is not always about having the newest ‘in’ things; she believes it is about creating an environment that caters to your life and your style. Kelsea is all about design meeting functionality; a fabulous looking kitchen is not going to make cooking any easier. However a kitchen with flare and a functional layout that suits your life will impress not only your guests but you as well.

In addition to kitchen designs, Interiyours offers many decorating services for all areas of your home.

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